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Breteau Foundation

Established in 2014, the Breteau Foundation is a global non-profit organization that has provided quality and inclusive education to the most disadvantaged primary schools and children in 11 countries worldwide. We specialise in EdTech; providing schools with computer tablets loaded with world-class apps that are aligned to local languages & national curriculums. We also deliver extensive teacher training & strategic support to school leaders to build capability & confidence so that schools are autonomous in 2 years.

In direct response to the Covid pandemic, the Foundation has diversified its response to include literacy and numeracy based tablet programs for offline learning at home, a STEAM (Science, engineering, technology Arts & Maths) programme to support at home learning that encourage students to use problem solving, creativity, entrepreneurship and teamwork to create solutions to real-world problems. We give children & families hope, insight to the world via technology with more opportunity & pathways to brighter futures.

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